• Build, deploy and manage secure
    cross-platform mobile apps

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Platform Overview

GO!Enterprise is the perfect platform for development, deployment and management of secure mobile apps. GO!Enterprise solutions are built rapidly using a codeless development environment which produces cross-platform mobile GO!Apps with a native look and feel. GO!Enterprise supports centralized distribution of GO!Apps on any mobile device and provides enterprise-grade functionality for end-to-end management of mobility solutions. GO!Enterprise enables seamless and secure integration with any back-end system like ERP, CRM, ordering, billing or ticketing and is ideally suited for the delivery of mobile services supporting secure transactions, e.g. m-banking, m-booking, m-shopping, m-parking etc. GO!Enterprise is ideally suited for the implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  mobility strategies.

The GO!Enterprise mobility platform consists of three main components:
  • GO!AppZone Studio , for codeless and rapid development of mobile GO!Apps;
  • GO!Enterprise Workspace , a secure managed container which hosts and renders GO!Apps on mobile devices;
  • GO!Enterprise Server , a versatile middleware server which enables secure communication with back-end systems, data synchronization and mobile application management.

What is a GO!App

When a developer compiles a GO!Enterprise project, the main result is an application definition file, called a GO!App. Each GO!App is described using GLOBO’s XML-based (patent pending) cloud application markup language called IRIS. Using IRIS, an application is defined in terms of UI elements, data handling structures, configurations and actions. Actions can be triggered by the user or executed automatically according to specific settings and conditions.

The application definition file is used by:
  • GO!Enterprise Workspace to dynamically render the app’s UI on the mobile device, and
  • GO!Enterprise Server to implement connections with back-end systems and synchronize data.