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Mobile Application Development Platform

Mobility solutions provide invaluable tools for enterprises of all sizes to address the requirements of both their employees and customers. In order for an enterprise to remain competitive, it needs to improve productivity, decrease response times and streamline operational processes while at the same time expand its reach to customers, increase customer engagement and create new revenue streams.

However, enterprises face considerable costs and technical difficulties especially in the development of mobile apps because traditional tools and systems do not cope with the proliferation of mobile device platforms and the inherent security and management challenges of mobile devices. Minimizing time-to-market and connecting securely with back-end systems make things even more complex.

Globo’s Mobile Application Development Platform, GO!AppZone Studio, is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) for rapid visual development of GO!Apps. It provides rich functionality and advanced features which enable even novice developers to build secure mobile business apps which communicate with back-end systems and run on any mobile device. Key features include the following:

True IDE

GO!AppZone Studio allows design, compilation and testing of GO!Apps from a single integrated environment. There is no need for third-party development tools or platforms to build a fully functional GO!App  Building on the success and evolution of the GO!Development Studio , the GO!AppZone Studio  allows developers to add their own custom HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code.

Codeless Development

GO!Apps are built in a configuration-based environment without the need to write code. Developers drag and drop components on mobile forms, configure their properties and define event-based actions in order to get the required functionality. Mobile app development has never been faster.

Security Design

GO!AppZone Studio enables the design of mobile apps with fine-grained security features. Developers can select which forms or components of a GO!App should be security-enabled so that administrators can grant appropriate access rights before distribution. Separate authorization mechanisms can be enforced per GO!App and validation tokens can be used to further secure mobile transactions.

Out-of-The-Box Connectors 

Developers can seamlessly integrate their GO!Apps with cloud-based applications or enterprise systems using the ready-made connectors of the GO!Enterprise platform. It is possible to send data, receive data or issue commands to back-end systems using web services, native database connections, ODBC or RSS. There is virtually no system which a GO!App cannot connect to.

Device Agnostic Design

Developers do not have to cater for a specific mobile platform or device while designing GO!Apps. Using GO!AppZone Studio, they can focus on the functionality of their apps and rest assured that the interface will be automatically rendered on any mobile device  with a native look & feel. GO!AppZone Studio enables a build once, run anywhere approach to mobile app development.

Data Synchronization Design

GO!AppZone Studio provides a number of data synchronization options which can cover any online or offline use case scenario. Data can be delivered to GO!Apps upon request or pushed from the server and data updates can be sent on developer-defined time intervals. Developers can also use the embedded store & forward mechanism of GO!Enterprise Workspace to implement GO!Apps which are occasionally connected to enterprise systems.

Flexible UI Design

The user interface of GO!Apps can be adjusted during runtime according to specific conditions, data values or user actions. Hence, developers can build engaging GO!Apps which incorporate logic at the mobile presentation layer.

Workflow Support

Apart from typical menu-driven applications, GO!Apps can also support complex workflows based on business rules or user actions. Mobile apps for approval and audit processes, surveys and case management are easy to build using GO!AppZone Studio.

Icon Editor

GO!AppZone Studio includes an icon editor which allows the developer to select icons from a library or develop tailored eye-catching icons using a wizard-like interface.

Rich Set of Form Components.

GO!App developers can leverage a complete set of form components to build  visually appealing apps with charts, pickers, tree views, actionable lists and embedded HTML content while having access to local device resources like the camera and the GPS receiver.

Emulator Support

GO!AppZone Studio integrates with most of the major mobile platform emulators which are available for the Windows OS. Testing of GO!Apps is an one-click process which loads  the selected emulator and automatically launches the GO!App.